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Direct Investments


Criptonite Asset Management (, established in 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland, is a wealth management company specializing in cryptocurrency investments. Led by CEO and founder Floran Rais, they develop innovative strategies and products to cater to qualified investors seeking exposure to the volatile digital asset class. Compliant with FINMA regulations, their offerings encompass diverse needs and risk profiles.

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The aim of Valuex AG is to enable new users to access the value potential of the technology and blockchain world, to provide sustainable support for start-up projects in the development phase and to further develop existing blockchain business models. The Liechtenstein-based company evaluates crypto and blockchain projects using a business-based rating scheme. Valuex supports promising projects on their growth path and with their strategic orientation and positioning.


Forte, a San Francisco-based infrastructure company, uses blockchain technology to enable new gaming economies creating new gameplay and generating user content while supporting the longevity of gameplay through a token-based economy. Forte further addresses the growing misalignment between developers, gamers, and fans. Fineqia’s investment aligns with the company’s core business of supporting companies that combine design and innovating technology to enhance the user experience. (Available as a co-investment to IDEO CoLab investors)

Wave Digital Assets.png

Wave Digital Assets is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a leading diversified digital asset management company. Offering early-stage investment, treasury management and asset management strategies & indices to further the growth of the digital asset ecosystem. They are the first asset management company to have created a template issuing private funds which retain most of the attributes of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) whilst removing the largest barriers of crypto investing.

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Along with Fineqia, the fund is backed by global design company IDEO known for iconic designs such as Apple's first computer mouse and for tackling complex challenges across business, social, and government sectors, Avanta Ventures (the venture capital arm of CSAA Insurance Group), Korea's GS Group, and other institutional investors, as well as executives from IDEO, Coinbase, Twitter and Fortress, among those from other tech companies and financial institutions.

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Wave NFT Fund.png

The Wave Digital Assets NFT fund seeks to invest in NFTs, protocols, and platforms with an asset allocation across collectables. Its intended investment allocations are 70% Collectibles, 30% Platforms & Protocols. The Fund takes an analytical approach focusing on unique content and scarcity in properties as value drivers and based on the rarity of traits. Wave launched the fund with the aim of bringing value to its investors, while also removing some of the barriers to entering the rapidly evolving NFT market. 

Disclaimer: Once set up, the above-mentioned investments will be transferred to Glass Ventures from Fineqia International Inc.
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