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Bundeep Singh Rangar

Founder / General Partners

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Cinderella Amar

Founder / General Partners

Those Who Make the Magic
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Martin Graham

> Former Director of Markets and Head of AIM at London Stock Exchange.

> Global champion of intelligent regulation and corporate governance.

Martin Graham


20230313 Fineqia Warren Sergeant.jpeg

Warren Sergeant

> A Chartered Accountant with traditional finance expertise primarily in offshore hedge funds, regulated hedge fund managers and large global funds.

> A seasoned entrepreneur in Southern Africa and the UK. Launched regulated businesses, multiple NFT collections and accompanying tokens.

Warren Sergeant

Chief Financial Officer

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Nirosh Wijewardene


> Former Global Head of Membership at the London Stock Exchange, contributing to £170m in sales.

> Seasoned private equity entrepreneur and fundraiser with successful exits in his portfolio.

Nirosh Wijewardene

Global Distribution

20230119 Fineqia Katarina Kupcikova.jpg

Katarina Kupcikova


> Supporting the CEO and management in a variety of communication activities.

> Conducts research and analysis on market trends, companies, and individuals.

Katerina Kupcikova

Marketing & Communications Manager

Global Trends; Global Arbitrage

We capture the trend of start-ups emerging in new regions; innovation fostered by clearer regulations and talent pools.


Cindy Amar: APAC, CEEMEA, MENA, France, Israel, Hong Kong

Bundeep Singh Rangar: UK, Canada, India, Europe, MENA, Hong Kong

Warren Sergeant: UK, SADC

Strong presence

Moderate presence

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